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Using QtCreator and OpenGL on Qt 5.2 built with MSVC2013

  • I originally installed Qt Creator with Mingw and OpenGL from one of the packages from the Qt website. However, due to issues with ANGLE, I realised that I had to build Qt myself if I wanted full OpenGL functionality (I realised this when I could not load a 3D texture because glTexImage3D() was not found).

    So I built Qt 5.2 with desktop OpenGL using the MSVC2013 compiler (after much pain)

    This time, the compiler can find the function, glTexImage3D() and the OpenGL headers are now different. However, when trying to compile OpenGL code, I get the errors:

    LNK2019: unresolved external symbol ... (to the constructor and destructor of my class which uses OpenGL (it extends OpenGLWindow)

    I am guessing that this is because MSVC2013 can't find the libraries needed. How would I link this? I am using Qt Creator at the moment as it is cross-platform.

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