Qt Designer Plugin, Property Editor in initialize() returns null

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    I've created an Qt Designer Plugin and I want get a notification as soon as a property in property editor changed. As I found out there is a QDesignerPropertyEditorInterface which can exactly what I want. Documentation says, that I have to get the instance of this interface in my initialize() method.

    @void initialize(QDesignerFormEditorInterface *core) {
    QDesignerPropertyEditorInterface *editor = core->propertyEditor();
    assert(editor != 0);
    // editor is always null here

    However, "editor" is always null here, but why? How can I access that property editor? Do I have to implement that interface first and use core->setPropertyEditor()? But documentation never mentioned it in some way.

  • Or ask it in another way: How is it possible to access the property editor in my Qt Designer custom widget plugin?

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