Several Questions about QtMobility

  • I am developing application where i need to handle audio input/output and I'd like to use QAudioInput and QAudioOutput classes for this. As I found these aren't part of QT itself but I need to get QtMobility module for it.
    I use QT 4.7.0 so referring to "this": I can get it but the problem is the website there doesn't load for me and I was unable to find any other source that loaded or where was i386 deb package.
    So anyone can tell me where can I get QtMobility package?
    Also as I am using QT 4.7 will be the newest release of QtMobility best to use or should I use some older version to avoid compatibility problems? If so which?
    Or is there some better way to handle audio i/o in Qt ?
    Thanks for help.

  • Use the new Qt 5.2 release.
    The QAudioInput/Output are part of the Multimedia module of Qt 5.2 that one of the default module installed by the installer.

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