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  • Hello.

    I have a Question to the QItemDelegate.

    I build a class ComboBoxDelegateByList with this class i can show several Comboboxdelegates in, for example a Tableview. That works fine.
    Now i have for example one column (Column 1) filled with ComboBoxDelegates...

    What i want to do is that all this Delegates in Column 1 change their content if i update the content. All ComboboxDelegates have the same content.

    But now i dont know where to start...
    I have the ...
    ComboBoxDelegateByList::setModelData(QWidget* pEditor, QAbstractItemModel* pModel, const QModelIndex& index) const
    ... Method, but here i can not edit all the columns only one.
    I thing the best approach is to update the comboboxdelegate in the model or not? Or can i set the data via the setData Method of my Model. Someone knows a other good approach?


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