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Compiling/Binary & Camera manipulation

  • So I have 2 questions really:

    1. If I am done with a project and I want to create it as an executable (For Linux, Windows) what steps should I take? I see the grayed out "Publish Project..." but I'm not sure that's quite it. I also saw this:

    Again, not sure this is the right direction I am supposed to go in.

    1. This is a bit more specific, I see that #include <QWSMouseHandler>, #include <QMouseDriverPlugin>, etc. are for "Qt for Embedded Linux," so is there a Windows equivalent as well?


  • First of all you should change the title of your post.
    This is for two reasons.
    A) It is certainly good to be friendly in this forum, but giving the gist of your problem in the title helps others to see immediately your likely problem and if they can contribute. Ultimately, this attracts answers for you.
    B) Others may see that they have a similar problem and check for a solution.

    Probably you might want to update to a more recent version of creator either 2.8 or 3.0. There is a deployment feature in there. However, I have to admit that I never used it so far. In general you can pick up the application and the dynamic libs.

    The "how to find the required dependencies can be found following this wiki entry. ":

    For the different embedded windows versions you need "to compile Qt libs": on your own.

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