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A error massage

  • Hi all:
    After I finish the debug of my code, and I choose"Debug" -> "Stop Debugger", I always would get the information that said "Application process could not be stopped: The program is not being run." Does anyone know why or have same situation??

  • hi, does anybody know????I forget one thing to say. This situation is happening in Qt5.2.0. If I use Qt5.1.1, everything is fine.

  • Hi,
    This is more a Tools forum question. Maybe replace it there?
    Happy coding!

  • Thanks. I will try there.

  • If your application has run to completion then there is no need to tell the debugger to stop. Doing so would only try to terminate a process that does not exist. The option is not available if the program termination was detected.

    If you think you program has terminated normally and the stop debugger action is still available then you may have more than one running copy of your program or a bug in your program shutdown. More information about your program would be required to say what.

  • My program is very simple.For example, if I created and ran a new project, this phenomenon would exist when I choose“Debug” -> “Stop Debugger”. But I never saw it in Qt5.1.1

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