Compile issue Windows SDK 7.1 (Windows 7 64bit)?

  • Hi,

    I have strange problem with compiling my project with Qt Creator. Right now i'm using Qt Creator 3.0 and Qt 4.8.4 with Windows SDK 7.1 (ms2010).

    Project is working if i compile it in linux, or in windows with mingw compiler or i use MS Visual Studio 2010 to compile project. But if i compile it with Qt Creator + Windows SDK then project is compiled fine but application won't start. It crashes somewhere before main() function. See debugger log from "here":

    I can get project to work if i move some files in upper level in folder structure but this is not a good solution because problem may occur later again because i have no idea what is the reason for this.
    Length of folder names are not very long so this shouldn't be the issue.

    I have tried to compile this with many PC's so it's not the issue in my computer only.

  • Are you compiling in debugger mode? Does it have any Linux dependencies?

  • I've tried to compile debug and release version. None of them is not working.

    Linux dependencies are blocked with defines.

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