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General Treeview questions

  • Hi everyone,

    I've been using Gtk+ for a couple of years now and while most of the API works well, I've just about run out of patience with it's treeview widget. So before I start trying to install, learn and run some Qt tests, I'd like to just check if the following is possible:

    1. I see that the QTreeWidgetItem can be dragged/dropped, but just to clarify, what are the limits of this feature? For example if I drag a node which has a hierarchy of child nodes, will the whole hierarchy be dropped into the destination node? Or if I just select a random selection of nodes in a hierarchy, can they be dragged to a new node. I guess I'm looking for the ability to drag/drop nodes like you would in a 3D modelling tool like StudioMax or Cinema4D, if anyone has used these.

    2. Can I also just confirm that the QTreeWidgetItem object is a constant pointer? Gtk+ has this wierd changing 'Iter' concept which doesn't allow me to store a list of node pointers in array for when, say, I want to temporarily copy part of a Tree or when I want to associate a 3D Object with a Node. I presume Qt will allow this?

    3. Not related to the Treeview, but I can't seem to find a description of an 'IconView' in Qt 5.2. Has this ability been implemented by a different set of Classes? I'd like to create a View which will display a model that contains lots of clickable Icons. Is this possible?


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