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Problem with dragging

  • hi, all.
    i have a problem with dragging some elements in qml. in project i have c++ class 'classA' (Inherits QQuickItem). this class overrides touchEvent method for manage OpenGL object.
    also i have some standard GUI elements from QtQuick 2.0.
    the problem with listView and pathView: if i start second movement while first movement in flicking, touchEvent gone to 'classA' and i see movement at GUI element and at OpenGL object, thats wrong.
    in my trying to fix that problem i find that in normal condition (when movements not overlap), FlickEnded happens before DragStarted of next movement. in 'problem' FlickEnded does not occur at all.
    please help.

    qt version - 5.2, if that important

    i cant provide code due to copyright. but possibly write simple example if need.

    it seems to be related to embedded linux on tabletPC with touch screen only, this problem dont produce at PC.

  • sorry, I replied wrongly. Please ignore this post.

  • ok

  • Did you try QTPATH\examples\quick\draganddrop on your tabletPC??
    Does it work properly?

  • does QTPATH is a dir, where Qt installed?

  • yes QTPATH is a dir. Did you install Qt? If yes, you should know where Qt is installed.

  • yes, i find it.
    i need some manipulation with EGl to make it work

    Warning: EGL suggested using X Visual ID 33 (RGB888) for EGL config 28 (RGB444), but this is incompatable
    Unable to find an X11 visual which matches EGL config 28
    Could not initialize EGL

  • now example work excellent

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