How to send signal class member to exit(quit) qApp->quit()

  • PS. I' m new in QT!
    I have one class C1, and second class C2(is member pointer in class C1); When application exit, object class's C1 - quit very well (memory is free), but(!) object class's C2(is member pointer in class C1) not quit well. - he leave in memory. What I can do. that pointer C2 exit correct? I can't send signal. - i'ts not work( "error ,,,,,,,,,,(null) slot quit() )" Thank's!

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    You need to delete C2 object in the destructor of C1 class. If you don't know what a "destructor" is, search the web, it's pretty basic concept in C++ language.

    Alternatively, in Qt, you can also make both classes inherit from QObject, and assign C1 as a parent of C2: then Qt will automatically delete C2 for you when C1 is deleted.

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