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Qt usage among major financial firms?

  • The company that employs me has, during discussion of using Qt as one of our primary development tools, has inquired as to whether any other big financial firms (think brokerages, banks, etc.) use Qt to any significant extent. (My company falls into this "big financial player" category.)

    Can anyone cite such usage of Qt in finance? If so this will be helpful to me in promoting Qt here, as some of management is quite attuned to precedent in the community.


  • Why do you ask for other financial firms? Is there special need in financial firms or just in big companies?
    I'm just asking, as this would make your discussion base on a bigger number of companies.

  • I am aware of a wide range of financial applications written in Qt.

    Both front and back room, and include fixed income, as well as equities. Including systems trading equities and options in real time.

    I am not at liberty to discuss names, or more details.

  • Qt is used by many financial institutions. However, because of the confidentiality in the financial sector, we are not allowed to list them all. But, I can say that Thomson Reuters uses Qt for some of their financial systems. I hope this helps. Also, in light of the announcement on Friday, I must stress that Qt will continue to be a viable framework and tool set for desktop and embedded development.

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