Hobbyist would like to do some basic C++ GUI programming

  • I consider myself just a hobbyist when it comes to programming. I've done a fair amount of it on my own working through books. Also took a class in C++ back in 2000. I've always wanted to be able to move from writing console programs using C++ to writing GUI programs. I got Visual Studio 2008 and I'm currently working in C#.

    Just wondering if using Qt would be a plausible approach for a hobbyist like myself. I've looked at some videos on YouTube also trying to get a feel for the editor. Of course my programs would be fairly simple I think. Like a music test. Where you would have like 10 questions and the program would keep track of how you're doing and give you a score in the end. I could put every question on it's own form, or maybe use the same form for each question.

    Any other hobbyists out there using this software with C++?

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    I guess most people here are hobbyists and professionals at the same time ;)

    Using Qt is definitely a good choice, it's API and documentation are simply superb. I prefer using Qt to any other language or framework, and I've tried a lot :P

  • Hi,
    The Qt docs and this forum are very much alive and kicking, so yes, Gui programming is very well possible with Qt! The first steps are easy to pick up and when you get a hobby project to work on and start exploring Qt you will encounter lots of nice added classes with great features!

  • Visual Studio 2008 is kinda old... Change it for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Express or 2013 Express which is free...

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