Qt Quick Components without Aero is displaying buggy (on windows)

  • I'm half way on my project. Qt Quick was awesome but when I change my theme in to a none Aero theme everything is buggy. Custom widgets are not displaying and updating correctly. Sometimes UI visual areas are get frozen till I do some user interaction with window (like, moving the whole window or change the tab). Even the menu is not displaying correctly. When I'm enabled an Aero theme everything works fine.

  • Which version of Qt is it and is it using Qt Quick 2 or Qt Quick 1? Might perhaps be solved by changing from an OpenGL build of Qt to an angle build as sometimes the OpenGL drivers tend to be buggy.

  • I'm using Qt Quick 2, Qt 5.2.
    No, I'm using angle because I don't want force users to install another software to work mine.
    Tested Windows 7, 32bit and 64bit with Qt 5.2, 32 bit version. Result is same with Qt 5.1 too.

  • Here a video record of screen update delay. This computer is much better than what I experienced in my home computer. Sometimes interface get updated sooner. Watch full video (1 minute)


  • It is rather hard to see what the problem is from that video but it seems mostly to happen in a the custom chart control you have so there might be a problem with that. If you can narrow down the problem to a smaller example it would make sense to file this as a proper bug report.

  • Custom control is a QQuickPaintedItem. In video recording I could only get customcontrol updating fails but some times whole window get stuck too. I understand that's not helps you. Surely, I'll try to narrow to an example and post here and report a bug.

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