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[Solved] Compile only specific library from Qt source code

  • I'm trying to solve some keyboard input related bug. (since my Qt bug report has no response even after 3 months.) I think I found the buggy code in /gui/kernel/qkeymapper_win.cpp. but I can't compile whole framework to just for testing one little code line. Anyway, What I need to do is compile only one library for testing (more specifically the Qt GUI module)

    How can I do this? How to create qt framework testing & development environment?

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    You can compile single modules (like qtbase, which contains QtGui) by simply cd-ing into that module's directory and running make. Additionally, make is smart enough that it will not recompile files that are already compiled: so you need to wait a lot only once (during first compilation), but then when you update your source file, only that single file will be compiled again.

    Hope it helps :)

  • Thank you sierdzio. You have enlightened me as you always does :)

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    Haha, thank you :)

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