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QtJambi AWTBridge 64bit

  • Hello there.

    My Boss recently gave me some old qtJambi software that they are using for a scientific simulation software.
    I am supposed to port the software from the old 32bit libraries to 64bit.

    I got the qtJambi 64 binaries for windows and got them to run after a little bit of struggle; but after upgrading the core libraries to 64bit the AWTBridge does not seem to work anymore.
    My assumption would be that either the AWTBridge needs to be updated to a 64bit version as well or that it is incompatible with the 64bit qtJambi libraries.

    Unfortunately I could not find much information on AWTBridge when searching the web and never did I see any mentions of a 64bit version. So before looking much further and guessing blindly I would like to ask if somebody could clear this up for me.

    By the way, I am using the 4.5.02 jambi version; the last one released by Nokia. The previous 32bit version was 4.3.something. The documentation of the software is not very elaborate on that.

    Thank you all in advance.

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