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Issue with the layout / directory structure of Qt Source vs Pre Built Packages

  • I downloaded the Qt 5.2.0 source because I needed to build using Visual Studio 2012 - 32 bit with Open GL support - there are no pre-built libraries for this configuration.

    I installed all the tools and got the source to build with no problems.

    I just have this question regarding the layout of the include files, they appear to be different for the pre-packaged builds compared to that of the downloaded source.

    In the Qt pre-built packages we have a single directory e.g msvc2012 with subdirectories for bin, doc, include. The include directory has sub-directories QtCore, QtMultimedia etc.

    But if I install the source and build I have directories as follows:


    i.e a different directory structure!!

    If I build the source all the components build and during the make/build process seems to generate new directories under QtBase\include



    but this directory is empty except for 1 file QtMultimedia Depends

    files like QAudioFormat are not here.

    I would have expected the directory structure for the includes to be the same if using the source compared to the pre built packages... It makes it hard to switch between them if they are different.

    Am I missing something here?

    Thank you,

  • You need to run make install after building.

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