QtWebKit interim files and release doesn't get created in specified OUTPUT directory

  • I am building qtwebkit 2.3 with commandline as,
    WEBKIT_OUTPUTDIR=pwd/qt485-rpi-qpa ../qtwebkit-23/Tools/Scripts/build-webkit --qt
    I am expecting it to create interim files and release output in pwd/qt485-rpi-qpa but it doesn't do that .. any clue?

  • where does it go ? Can you output WEBKIT_OUTPUTDIR and see indeed this is returning the proper directory name ?

  • It is stored in <qtwebkit-folder>/WebKitBuild/Release folder.

    In one of my attempts, I had even tried exporting WEBKIT_OUTPUTDIR=pwd/qt485-rpi-qpa first and then firing "build- webkit" script but no luck.

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