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Qt5 QWebView not properly responding to touch events

  • I'm using a simple kiosk web browser called "WCGBrowser": written in PyQt5 using a QWebView, running on a Debian Testing machine with Qt5 version 5.1.1. The computer's only input device is a Quanta multitouch touchscreen, which is supported by the Evdev driver and works perfectly in most applications.

    However, when touching links, buttons, or other elements in a web page, the element visually responds as if it's been clicked, but doesn't perform it's associated action. For example, when on Google's homepage, tapping the search button shows the button being depressed, but doesn't actually change to the search page. Using a regular mouse on the same instance works as expected.

    My quick fix was to override the event method of the QWebVew to reject touch events, causing QT to generate mouse events instead. However, the mouse emulation doesn't work very well, users often accidentally select text or have other related issues. I'd like to get proper touch support working instead.

    This doesn't appear to be PyQt5 bug, it's either a QT bug or (somewhat more likely), a bug in the kiosk browser I'm using. I've done what debugging I can, does anyone have suggestions for what I can try to discover what's causing the problem? I'm a fairly experienced Linux user but new to QT, I'm fine with compiling QT devel if needed.

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