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How to install multiple Qt 5.2 versions on Windows using offline installers

  • Hello,

    With previous Qt versions I have used the online installer to install the 32- and 64-bit MSVC and 32-bit MinGW Qt versions. This was pretty elegant as it created one root folder, one Qt Creator, and separate sub-folders for the three different versions.

    Unfortunately, because I am based in Australia the Qt 5.2 online installer is next to useless, even after switching to a so-called "more reliable" mirror. It took 7 hours to download the offline installers, but I have now successfully installed the 64-bit MSVC2012 version of Qt.

    How do I install the other two versions? I thought I could simply install them into different root folder locations, but there is no way to disable the installation of Qt Creator. I sure as heck don't need three separate copies of it. Then I went hunting for a download location for the Qt 5.2 libraries, but I couldn't find a way to do this either.

    I would appreciate some suggestions, or even to be pointed to a solution identified by someone else (I couldn't find one).


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    If you are willing to build Qt from source, then you can easily achieve such directory structure and avoid Qt Creator duplication. You can get Qt source code "here":http://download.qt-project.org/official_releases/qt/5.2/5.2.0/single/ and the building instructions are "here":http://qt-project.org/wiki/Building_Qt_5_from_Git (you can simply ignore the git stuff in this case).

    All you need to do is an out-of-source build (see -prefix flag), like this:
    mkdir qt520-build
    cd qt520-mkdir
    ../qt520-src/configure -prefix $PWD [other flags] // or CD on Windows

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    Have you seen this page?: http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/36351/

    I live in Australia too and was able to point my online installer to a faster mirror. I managed to get download speeds of ~250 KiB/s

  • Yes, I used the attached file to create a local repository pointing to the ustc mirror. I'm on my fourth attempt right now ... at the staggeringly fast rate (NOT!) of 20 KB/sec.

    What's really frustrating about this is my first attempt worked perfectly until my AV software blocked the installation of the MSVC redistributables for some reason. It was over 90% complete, but with no option to skip or retry that part of the installation I had no choice but to start it from scratch.

    @slerdzio, I shouldn't have to build my own Qt when there is (what should be) a perfectly viable system for deploying the official builds.

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    [quote author="canismajor" date="1389096554"]@slerdzio, I shouldn't have to build my own Qt when there is (what should be) a perfectly viable system for deploying the official builds. [/quote]

    You are right. I'm just giving you the fallback option to consider :)

    Many people, including myself, are requesting a torrent download option for Qt prebuilds. So far the response was always "we are thinking about it". I think that one day I'll just hook up my RaspberryPi to the internet and create my own torrent repo for Qt, so that people can finally benefit from using that splendid protocol.

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    ustc.edu.cn worked for me before Christmas, but was awfully sluggish last week (back down to ~20 KiB/s). I just tried again a few minutes ago, and it seems fine for now. Looks like it's not too reliable, but you might be lucky enough to catch it at a good time.

    Anyway, there are currently 20 mirrors (See http://download.qt-project.org/official_releases/qt/5.2/5.2.0/qt-windows-opensource-5.2.0-mingw48_opengl-x86-offline.exe.mirrorlist for example) -- Have you tried the others yet? If you find a better one, modify Updates.xml for your local repo.

  • @JKSH, earlier this evening I tried pinging a few of the mirrors in the list and they all had longer return times than the ustc site. I know ping time isn't a true representation of download speeds but it did suggest that I should perservere with ustc.

    I left the download running, along with the Process Explorer performance graph, while I was doing other things and was surprised to see that the rate had gone as high as 550 KB/sec (and as low as 300 B/sec), so I agree with your comment about reliability. Given the government restrictions on internet traffic in China that's no huge surprise.

    Interestingly, the sub-KB download rate exactly corresponded to the MSVC redistributable archive. Not sure what that means though.

    @slerdzio - my apologies. You were indeed being helpful in offering the alternative.

    Woo Hoo! In the few minutes I've been typing this post, the installer has finished its work. What a relief.

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