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[SOLVED]Doubt about QOpenGLTexture::CoordinateDirection

  • Hi!

    Anyone have the values avaliable for the QOpenGLTexture::CoordinateDirection enum?

    I´m trying use the setWrapMode method, but the WrapMode and CoordinateDirection enums are not documented in the documentation.

    I love this change in QT, since this make possible "fit" it very well in my model without use the GLWidget Class...Beautiful!

    Thanks so much for this change, are working really well!

    Kind Regards.

  • Another problem i´m having here is a strange blank part are being draw on the corners , like if the texture are being smothly being removed from the corners and i not setup any parameter in OpenGL to do that...like the image bellow:
    !http://www.wdw.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/problemcorner.jpg(Corner problem)!


  • Oops,

    Sorry Guys, i just jange to Linear the setMinificationFilter and setMagnificationFilter parameters and works lovely removing the effect...


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