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Linux, Image of HDD and Master Boot Record

  • Hi folks!
    I'm using Windows 7 and I did disk image via O&O DiskImage.
    Now I want to install Kubuntu to run some tests on it (I don't want to use virtual machine).
    After tests I will not need Kubuntu. As far as I'm concerned GRUB will save some files in MBR to make a 'choose operating system' window. Is restoring a disk from image overwriting a MBR and because of that the Kubuntu will be gone?
    Ofcourse I'm just only asking about GRUB and all stuff that will land on my C:\ partition after installation. Partition with Kubuntu I will delete by some partition editor :)

  • Hi,
    I don't know kubuntu, I use Slackware and lilo (not grub).

    First of all I suggest you to remove windows 7 and start using Slackware as you first operating system... ;-)

    I think kubuntu make some partition by him self but I don't think it overwrite windows partition.
    When you want to recover windows bootloader to mbr you can do that from windows (google: "windows 7 restore mbr").
    I don't know about restoring image because you must know if your application you used to get the image took an image of all disk or only the windows partition an if it include mbr.

    I hope this help you...

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