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Why so many events with an open dialog.

  • Hi,

    So I installed an event filter into QApplication so I could capture all my application events for debug etc (debug text is sent to separate console window). With the application open (a GUI) I get the following:

    1 (TimerEvent) - I installed a timer
    5 (MouseMove Event) - when I move the mouse
    129 (MouseHoverEvent) - when I move the mouse.

    Now the interesting bit, when I open a simple modal dialog, and with the dialog static in the middle of the screen and the mouse static I get a continuous stream of the following:

    170 (DynamicPropertyChangeEvent) - continuous
    77 (UpdateRequestEvent) - continuous
    12 (PaintEvent) - continuous

    Why is Qt continuously re-drawing the dialog widgets?

    Thanks in advance SJ

  • Moderators

    paint event can be caused by many actions (mouse moves, explicit calls, resize, etc.)
    Mostly they are optimized by only requesting a redraw of a (sub-)area.

    Where exactly is the problem with the paint events?

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