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Qt Creator's MIME types

  • Happy new year fellow Qt users !

    I have a problem using Qt Creator's syntax highlighting for .ipp files: basically we use this file extension here to implement template classes. I navigate to Tools -> Options -> Environment -> MIME Types and try to adapt the text/x-c++src MIME type pattern: I add
    @;*.ipp @

    and click "Apply". As a reponse, I get a dialog box with title "Invalid MIME type" and text "Conflicting patterns will be discarded. 13 patterns already in use". When I click on the "Show Details" button, it shows the already present patterns from the text/x-c++src MIME type. What am I doing wrong here ?

    I am using Qt Creator 2.8.1 (revision c3ed746c24). We don't want to upgrade to be sure that Cofee's Doxygen plugin is still working.

  • Hi,

    Same problem here using QtCreator 3.0.0.
    It looks the patterns conflict with themselves.
    No need to add a new pattern, add/delete a space, click apply and you'll get the same error message.
    Hope it gets fixed soon.

    Kind regards


  • i just ran into this problem. I'm glad to see that someone is anxiously waiting for a solution, but unless someone reports it as a bug, I doubt anyone will fix it.

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