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QtSensors convert azimuth to angle

  • Hello,
    I am trying to make a compass application using QtSensors 5.0, I am able to get azimuth value from the compass but I can't seem to find a proper formula to convert azimuth into a rotation angle for an image of a compass needle. Would anyone have any idea of what formula I need to use to get a proper rotation angle?

    My code below

    @   property real readAz: 0

    property real angle: 0

    Compass {
        id: compass
        dataRate: 1
        active: true
        onReadingChanged: {
            readAz = reading.azimuth
            angle  = (readAz /(2*Math.PI))
            print("Compass: ", reading.azimuth) //for debug
            print("Angle: ", angle)             //for debug

    thank you

  • Not sure what angle you need, but azimuth is typically measured from North going clockwise. In typical cartesian graphics, angle is measure from the x-axis (East) going counterclockwise.

    So, North is an azimuth of 0, but an angle of 90 (PI/2). East is an azimuth of 90 (PI/2) but an angle of 0.

    So if that's what you mean, then the angle is 90-azimuth. If you want all angles to be positive, just add 360 (2*PI) to negative angles.


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