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Can't manage files in cmake project

  • I'm writing a non-Qt cmake project. I thought qtcreator would be useful for it because it's a relatively lightweight IDE with a decent vi-mode and supposedly works well with cmake. But it doesn't seem to have any project management functionality when using cmake. I'm using 2.8.1 in Debian unstable.

    I'd already been working on my project with vixn so to start with I created a blank cmake project in qtcreator, called "rail", then copied my existing files into it with the shell. qtcreator just refused to recognise this as a project at all. The Build item in the menu bar was greyed out.

    I decided to try making a new cmake project (called "glcontext") and add files one at a time through qtcreator's menus. At first this wasn't recognised as a project either. After a while I noticed that in the bottom-left of qtcreator it was saying I was using project "rail". So I tried closing qtcreator and reopening the "glcontext" project, and eventually "glcontext" was also recognised as a project. But there's no way to associate files with it.
    "rail" lists most, but not all of the relevant files in the Projects pane, and "glcontext" contains nothing but CMakeLists.txt.

    In the "New file or project" dialogue the "Add to project" field is greyed out. I googled how to add files, but results said things like, "Right click in the projects pane and click Add file". There is no Add file in this pane or in the filesystem pane. Other people said you can edit .pro or .files but neither of these exist in my project either.

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