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Wasapi plugin as a new qt multimedia backend

  • Hello everybody,

    i want to develop an audio platform independent low latency application and I decided to use the qt low level audio apis to do this. It works fine for osx but not for windows. I think the big overall latency is strongly influenced by the standard windows mixer. I read that with the wasapi technology from Microsoft this issues can be minimized. So i think if there would be an new wasapi multimedia plugin based on the qt low level apis it would be great. Do everybody know if there is a solution or if there is an upcoming project to get this feature ?

    looking forward

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You should rather ask this on the interest mailing list you'll find Qt's developers/maintainers there (this forum is more user oriented)

    From my point of view, Qt supporting old Windows version up to XP, it's rather unlikely that a WASAPI backend will be implemented soon (AFAIK it's available starting Vista). Also, Qt is not a low latency audio framework, it happens to work on OS X because the OS is already built like that.

    HOWEVER I don't say I can't/won't be done, if a backend using WASAPI is contributed, it might very well be integrated.

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