What's your kind of music

  • hi.

    this might sound strange but i'll give it a try....

    are you listening music while coding?
    what kind?
    which applications?
    do you play some intrument?

    I love spotify and have just doscovered @Clutch@

  • I'm all for http://royksopp.com/ at the moment. :)


  • I'm for http://www.somafm.com/

    Mostly listening:

    • Drone Zone
    • Lush
    • Groove Salad
    • Indie Pop Rocks

  • Groove Salad is a classic if you need focus and have to block out distracting sounds. It carried me through most of the content work here.

  • Being Norwegian I am happy to admit having Aha (http://open.spotify.com/artist/2jzc5TC5TVFLXQlBNiIUzE) playing their latest album while I'm doing the download report.

  • Based on mood etc it can be different things. Yesterday it was Tchaikovsky (Violin Concerto) for instance.
    I've been known to listen to Leftfield, Baked Beans or Autechre...
    Groove Salad mixes many of those :)

  • Sometimes when I'm in a good mood for coding faster and my inner-metal-heart is released, I load a playlist with some metal stuff such as Blind Guardian and Slayer, but most of the time somafm is on :)

  • Hearts of Space, Groove Salad, Bluemars, Jazz. some others. Sometimes I listen to podcasts.

  • Think its worth mentioning Ugress as well. Close-to perfect work-music :)


  • To calm down, I listen Farid Farjad, an Iranian violinist. If I need more energy, I listen Linkin Park. :) I'll give a try to Groove Salad by the way. :)

  • Sometimes, to get more energy I listen Classical Rock(or Metal) or Visual-kei that makes my heartbeat faster.

    Stratovarius and Malice Mizer is my favorite musicians.

  • I allways listen to music while coding.
    App: Amarok 2
    Currently listening to the DiRT 2 soundtrack:
    Biffy Clyro - Mountains
    Black Stone Cherry - Blind Man
    Black Tide - Shout
    Blakfish - Jeremy Kyle is a Marked Man
    Bloc Party - Helicopter
    Bloc Party - Talons
    De Staat - fantastic Journey of the Underground Man
    Deichkind - Ich Betaube Mich
    Die! Die! Die! - Sideways Here We Come
    Dinosaur Pile-Up - All Around the World
    Eagles of Death metal - Wannabe in L.A.
    Elbow - Grounds for Divorce
    Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses
    Friendly Fires - In the Hospital
    Glamour of the Kill - A Hope in Hell
    Igiu & Hartly - Violent and Young
    Kram - Good Love
    The Hot Melts - Edith
    Ladyhawke - My Delirium
    Madina Lake - Never Take Us Alive
    MSTRKRFT - Work on You
    Proceed - Treading Water
    Queens of the Stone Age - Little Sister
    Rise Against - Injection
    Santigold - Say Aha
    Scars on Broadway - They Say
    White Denim - Let’s Talk About it
    Steadlur - Bumpin’
    Templeton Pek - Red Lights Flash
    The Automatic - Steve McQueen
    The Cribs - Men’s Needs
    The Futureheads - Radio Heart
    Silversun Pickups - There’s no Secrets This Year
    The Prodigy - Warriors Dance
    The Qemists - Lost Weekend
    The Rakes - 1989
    The Subways - I won’t Let You Down
    The Temper Trap - Science of Fear
    The Walkmen - The Rat
    Tommy Sparks - I’m a Rope
    Triggerfinger - First Taste
    UNKLE featuring Josh Homme - Restless
    White Lies - To Lose My Life
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Y-Control
    You Me At Six - Save it for the Bedroom
    The Stone Roses - This is the One

  • Any thing that fits the mood from classic to punk rock and electro jazz to heavy metal :)

  • Depends on the mood. It varies from 60s blues, soul and jazz to contemporary musicals. I also listen to African choirs, German rock and R&B, etc.

    iTunes and Amarok are my players of choice.

  • I personally find music to be mildly distracting while trying to code. But I still often do it, to drown out more distracting noises.

    My favorite coding music is the "World Of Goo soundtrack":http://kylegabler.com/WorldOfGooSoundtrack/, closely followed by the Civilization 4 soundtrack. Outside coding, my favorite is Gilbert & Sullivan :) .

  • depend on mood, but basically jazz

  • Hi, I often hear music while coding, dependend on my cuzrrent mood:

    Blackmoores Night, Schandmaul, Fiddler's Green so from soft medieval, Irish Folk, Rock, Hard Rock, a bit of Punk and Metal... sometimes even classic (e.g. Rondo Veneciano)

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    I have trouble listening to music while I'm working. I typically end up focusing on the music more than whatever I'm working on. It's as if for some reason I tend to use the same part of my brain to process both. It's kind of a curse that music can't really be "background noise" for me. On the other hand, I really do enjoy music very intensely when I'm listening to it.

  • It really depends. Most often: none at all. At other time, it can range from classical to '80, and from tango nuevo to gothic metal. When I don't want to be destracted too much, I tend to listen to movie sound tracks.

  • Looks like this thread is live again, hehe.
    For me it depends too. Most often is some blues or jazz. For now I'm from time to time listen FolkAlley radio.

  • I prefer a quiet environment. But sometimes I listen to smooth jazz and slow RnB instrumentals. That way I don't get distracted by the words of an artist.

  • "Mariachi Band's", Folk & Techno when I am doing research, but when I code it has to be quiet.

  • I need my music slumpin, heavy on the bass and turned up on the decibels. What, can't hear ya....

  • Hello Friends
    How are you?

    I like sexophone
    I like Bollywood
    I like HArd Rock
    I like soft


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