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Eclipse integration for Mac OS X 10.6

  • Hello, everybody. I am quite a newbie in programming with qt. I'd like to use the qt eclipse integration tool under Mac OS X. Apparently there's no available build for the Mac OS X (there are only the Windows and Linux). I had an idea that it were possible to build it from the source code for Linux, but here I got trouble with QTDIR variable. Having installed QT SDK from binary distribution, as I googled out, there's no unique directory I can specify like this. Neither does QTPath variable stand for the required directory. So, I am in quesiton if a possible way could be to build QT SDK from source thus explicitly controlling what should become the desired directory, or is it still possible to find a way without another instance of QT SDK on my lap top =)?

    Thank you in advance to whomever give a reaction.

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