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Windows 8 g4bit qt installer

  • Hi! i'm new in qt programming. that's the intro.

    i'm using windows 8 64bit os. and hoping to install the qt creator in my laptop.

    so my questions are, can i just install the 32 bit installer? because when i'm using the online installation for windows, it say "the apps cannot be run by windows" and when i'm trying to download Qt 5.2.0 for Windows 64-bit (VS 2012, 590 MB) , it can't even be downloaded to my laptop.

    is there any consequence problems that will be come if i proceed with the installation?

    that's all. thank you.

  • I think you need to try to perform a variety of deployment, the computer should not be "bad". Personally, I repeatedly installed and removed QT on different computers, and these computers are working fine.

  • and which one did you installed in your computers?

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