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Qt Creator offline doc render problem

  • I'm seeing a problem with QT Creator's OFFLINE documentation system.

    The pages from the file: /usr/share/qtcreator/doc/qtcreator.qch (5.2Mb, dated 4/18/13) are not rendered correctly.

    The various images are floating to the top of the page, which blocks the text and makes it impossible to read.

    I'm running Kubuntu 13.04, current update and the latest install of the QT SDK from the Ubuntu/Kubuntu repositories:

    Qt Creator 2.7.0
    Based on Qt 5.0.1 (32 bit)
    Built on Apr 18 2013 at 18:40:45

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    The best place for bug reports is . Can you please submit a screenshot too?

    By the way, Qt 5.2.0 and Qt Creator 3.0 have many significant improvements over Qt 5.0.1 and Qt Creator 2.7. You might consider downloading the package directly from instead of using the Canonical repositories, which are always a few versions behind. Reports for the latest versions are also given higher priority than reports for older versions (because the issue might have been fixed already)

  • JKSH,
    Thanks, I'll get something posted to bugreports.
    I do see the lag in Qt versions on repositories and will push for an update from Kubuntu/Ubuntu, no guarantees on that happening soon... And Canonical has it's own agenda, separate from we mere users.

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