Validating user input and set button to setEnablet(true)

  • Hi all

    My first post here...

    In my app I have 7 spinboxes where 5 of them have to be valid before I can set the pushbutton to setEnablet(true). Is there a Qt way of doing this, or do I have to manage all of the spinboxes and make my own validation when to enable the button ?

    i.e do I have to catch a signal from the sbinboxes and keep track of who has a value etc. ?

    Thanks in advance

  • I would add a SLOT in your MainWindow, void validate(); or something like that.
    And then connect the valueChanged signal of every spinboxes to that slot, and handle the validation there.

  • That's the only senseful way doing this.

  • Thats what I thought, thank you guys!

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