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  • Hi, newbie here. After installing Qt Creator in Windows 7, I tried building examples(Animated Tiles). And I get this error(the title). Google gave me nothing. I have chosen installing mingw compiler, if it helps.

  • You build from Creator?
    Try Run qmake from Build menu and then rebuild

    If you build from cmd, have you run qmake?

  • Yes, I am building from qt creator.

    Before I waste your time, I must say I am completely new on windows build enviroment. I was following the qt in education lectures where it was suggested to try building with ctrl+r.

    To use the command line approach, I don't even know where the examples are saved.

    Ok, I tried running "qmake" from Build menu. That works without complaint. However, when I click "run" from the Build menu, same error comes back.

  • Did you set proper paths in Tools->Options->Qt4 for mingw and qmake?

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