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Any detailed instruction to remote debug shared library in QtCreator in Linux ?

  • ok, i don't want to mention the pain we went through, me and another very dedicated engineer are feeling exhausted, very exhausted.

    we build c++ code in ubuntu in intel pc, the target runs in arm board.

    we can step into the source code for exe, but not for shared library.

    /aaa is the source code folder for exe,
    /aaa/1.cpp is the source for 1.exe
    /bbb is the folder in target
    you have /bbb/1.exe

    /ccc is the source code folder for shared library,
    /ccc/2.cpp is the source for
    /ddd is its folder in target
    you have /ddd/ there

    what're the steps to debug into this pls ?

    where to find the gdb shell in Qt Creator during debugging ?

    Thanks you so much !

  • I have tried this but it won't help me...What are the other alternatives of it? "Click here": for more details...

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