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Rectangle instead of BackgroundImage as scrollbar handle for a TableView?

  • Hi,

    I am currently developing using Qt 5.1.1.

    I need to implement a custom style for a "TableView". Thus I define a new TableViewStyle for my TableView including delegates: itemDelegate, headerDelegate, handle etc.

    When defining the scrollbar handle delegate I tried first to define it as a simple Rectangle with a certain background color. This did not work, the scrollbar handle was not visible.
    When i use Image or BackgroundImage all is fine. Can anybody explain to me why I can't use a Rectangle here?

    Also, I had trouble to find good documentation concerning the TableViewStyle. I had to gather a lot of information from the code. Am I missing a source of documentation?

    Some code for explanation:

    @TableView {
    model : id_dbaseLibModel
    style : TableViewStyle
    itemDelegate: id_itemDelegate
    headerDelegate: id_headerDelegate
    rowDelegate: id_rowDelegate

                minimumHandleLength: 20
                handleOverlap: 5
                /* not working: 
                handle:  Rectangle {
                    width: 10;   
                    color: "black"; 
                /* working fine: */
                handle:  Image
                    source: "/gfx/icons/naviOff.png"  // random image, temporary
                decrementControl: Component { Rectangle{} }
                incrementControl: Component { Rectangle{} }
                scrollBarBackground : Rectangle { width: 10;  color: "green" }
    TableViewColumn{ ..... }
    TableViewColumn{ ..... }



  • Hi,

    I use this, and it works for me:
    handle: Rectangle {
    implicitWidth: 8
    implicitHeight: 8
    color: "black"

  • Hi Torgeir,

    your handle definition works for me also. It seems to be important to define the implicitWidth of the handle instead of just the width.
    From the documentation I understand that the implicitWidth of an item is 0 by default, wich would explain why the scrollbar handle (as i defined it) was not visible.

    What I don't understand though: why is the "explicit" width ignored in this case?


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