Debian Linux under Windows 7 If and how.

  • I volunteered to make a website addition. The catch, the server is run with Debian Linux. Is there such a thing as a faked Linux server that I can install on a Windows 7 system, like a sand box? (as I did with 2008 server, MySQL server etc) Basically just to test how the data base and Qt programs operate before I go live to the actual server? Or, how do professional programmers develop a project like that? Do they have two computers, one for Linux and one for Windows or do they simply work on the actual server?

    Thanks in advance to answer another n00b question. :D

  • You can use virtual machines like VirtualBox or VMWare. I have around 4 virtual machines at my laptop (Linux-powered) and 3 or 4 at my desktop machine (Windows-powered). They help to test software at different OSes in different environments.

  • Thank you very much, Denis. It's unbelievable what's out there. :D

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