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Installation on Fedora 11 with glibc 2.10

  • I'm running Fedora release 11 (Kernel 2.6.30) and am trying to install the development kit v5.2, but when I do I get:

    @./ /lib/ version 'GLIBC_2.11' not found (required by ./

    I've tried upgrading glibc 2.11 via yum but it seems only to go as far as 2.10 on the repositories I'm using. I tried to find if there was a reason not to go above 2.10 on my release but couldn't find anything definitive.

    I know my distro is pretty old but is there a way that I can get the development kit up and running without having to upgrade the OS, the kernel or glibc? I don't mind using an earlier version of the development kit if it's reasonably stable.

    Many thanks.

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