Create a multitouch application

  • I'm trying to write a multitouch desktop application. I have a QML based application and now I try to drag more than one QML element at the same time. I tried to use MultiPointTouchArea, but this doesen't work. So I got 2 elements. For example 2 pictures, which should be draggable by two different persons at the same time ...
    If I define a rectangle containing the MultiPointTouchArea and I link one touchPoint with each picture, the first touch event moves the first picture and the second touch event moves the second picture.

    Like in this example code:

    @Rectangle {
    width: 400; height: 400
    MultiPointTouchArea {
    anchors.fill: parent
    touchPoints: [
    TouchPoint { id: point1 },
    TouchPoint { id: point2 }

        Rectangle {
            width: 30; height: 30
            color: "green"
            x: point1.x
            y: point1.y
        Rectangle {
            width: 30; height: 30
            color: "yellow"
            x: point2.x
            y: point2.y

    This is not, what I'm looking for. I want them to move, if they are touched and dragged, both at the same time, without disturbing each other and without a order of touch events.

    Is this possible in qml? Or do I have to code a C++ function?

    I hope you understand my problem.

  • I m facing the same issue, i can not make two zoom event at the same time by using MultiPointTouchArea , if anyone can share some sample code for two hand/two person multitouch control in qml it will be much appreciated.

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