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TestCase - Test Driven Development (TDD) in QML

  • Creating a simple test case files to run with either qmlscene or Qt Creator.

    @>qmlscene test1.qml
    file:///x/d/qt/testDrivenQML/test1.qml:25 Type TestCase unavailable
    file:///Users/joshua/Qt5.2.0/5.2.0/clang_64/qml/QtTest/TestCase.qml:45 module "Qt.test.qtestroot" is not installed

    These instructions do not work (build error: 'QtGui/qwidget.h' file not found):
    and there is a very dated merge request referring to an OSX install issue.

    Is TDD for QML dead, or can this be made to work?


  • Hi,
    I get the same error but I haven't a solution.. I think you get this error for using


    Maybee this is a Bug...

  • I finally got around to solving this. You can't use qmlscene for TestCase testing. You can roll your own, but easier is to just use the qmltestrunner utility.

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