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Somebody use Strategy OnRowChange in Qt 4 with MySQL on Linux?

  • Hello.

    "Code example here:":

    I have got table in my MySQL database.
    Then I select driver MySQL from list and select any table from list.
    Then I change data in any existing record(or insert record and change data) and move cursor to other row.
    And now I expect that data saved in my database.(Becorse setEditStrategy is QSqlTableModel::OnRowChange.)
    I check data in table in another program - but table not changed.
    Then if in sqlbrowser select table in widget again - all visible changes lost.

    deleting rows work correctly - but in code for deleting setEditStrategy is QSqlTableModel::OnManualSubmit and SubmitAll()

    Say me how to know reason of this behaviour. Is it bug of QtSQL in Qt 4.8.5?
    May I use Qt Creator, gdb or other some debug options(methods) for diagnose?
    Somebody use Strategy OnRowChange in Qt 4 with MySQL?

  • I think - it is bug in QSqlTableView
    I will be use qt5. Because "workarounds" is not well.


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