Remote deploy app not stopping.

  • Hi All

    I'm running a Ubuntu 13.10 host with QtCreator 2.8.1 deploying to a separate Ubuntu 13.10 target.

    After successfully deploying and running my command line app, when I click "stop" I see:

    User requested stop. Shutting down...

    Followed shortly after by:

    Application did not finish in time, aborting.

    Neither of which appear to terminate or kill the application.

    I've added CONFIG += console to the pro, and I instantiate a QCoreApplication in main().

    I've tried registering signal handlers as suggested here:

    I can terminate from the command line on the target machine using a kill -1 or kill -15 <pid> and the above handlers are called.

    When I press the stop button in QtCreator however the handlers never fire !

    Its like the signals never arrive.

    Am I missing something ?



  • Same here on Debian testing with Qt Creator 3.0.1 and Raspberry Pi as remote device ... any Ideas?

  • I believe our problem was an incorrect path to the application. We had inserted a extraneous forward slash, so when the IDE tries to kill the application it tries to get a pid from the path. If the path is wrong this fails and eventually times out. After correcting this it now works. Hope this helps.

  • Ah thx, makes sense.
    I am using cmake and so I can not remove the slash in the "remote directory" field. Via "alternate executable on device" I have to add a ./ in the beginning to make it run which seems to create the same Problem.

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