Memory usage with QtQuick 2.0

  • Hi folks,

    I'm writing a QtQuick 2.0 plugin which needs to allocate a "quite large" chunk of memory ( ~ 800Mo ). This allocation fails (bad_alloc, and it's not the ctors' which is throwing as I'm allocing an array of chars).

    A reduced example would be :

    class Bar : QQuickItem


        char *foo = NULL;
        foo = (char*) malloc(800000000);
        if (foo)
            *foo = 5;
            qDebug() <<  "Working";


    (Forget correctness, I just want it to be concise, and I use malloc just for the example, but it doesn't matter).

    This won't print "Working" as the alloc fails and malloc returns NULL.

    This is on Windows XP 32 bit.

    With a Qt Executable such an allocation works (as expected), so I'm wondering if there is something in the QtQuick machinery which tends to eat all the virtual address space.

    Any idea?


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  • Hi Qurx,

    Don't you think that it could be a memory fragmentation issue ?

    I'll take a look to find a workaround but... you'll probably need to change your OS version.


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