Conflict between two libraries QGui4.lib and qwt.lib

  • Hello,

    I 'm builting in a release mode and I had a linking problem:

    1>QtGui4.lib(QtGui4.dll) : error LNK2005: "public: void __thiscall QWidget::resize(int,int)"
    (?resize@QWidget@@QAEXHH@Z) already defined in qwt.lib(qwt_legend.obj)

    They were compiled in release and Multi-threaded DLL modes...

    It seems conflict between these two libraries...

    I can´t remove one of them and I can´t remove the function from any of these libraries...

    Could you help me, please...?

    Thank you very much

    All the best

    Ricardo Sousa

  • if this is already defined in your qwt version, perhaps qwt is linked statically to qt?
    Otherwise it must not be in there.

  • Thank you Gerolf

    You are right.. I thought that the lib file was an import library.

    I also tried to create an import library for qwt but I only got a .dll because I don´t have a the headers files __declspec definitions (implicit use of .dll). Is there any way to create a .dll without changing the header files?

    Thank you very much again!

    All the best

    Ricardo Sousa

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