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How to use QtCreator's diffeditor component in my app when using LGPL version of Qt

  • Hi,

    I would like to ask here about LGPL licensing and using some components from QtCreator.

    I know I can't use LGPL code directly in my commercial app so I'm wondering if it's OK if I will create LGPL Diff library based on QtCreator's diffeditor component and then I will use this LGPL in my commercial app.

    I will be glad to any feedback including another ways how to use part of QtCreator code in own app.


  • I found google diff-diff-match component which perfectly fits our needs "":

    Anyway I'm still curious if solution with LGPG library is suitable for such purposes.

  • I'm curious how you use the google-diff-match-patch tool. It's Apache 2 licensed, and this is incompatible to LGPLv2, as far as I know. It may be compatible with LGPLv3, but even here I'm not sure.

    So are you using this as a library, or how do you solve licensing issues with google-diff-match-patch?

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