[SOLVED] Media Player time

  • Hello, I am trying to get current time of song playing and I tried to get through slider... I got the time but its not accurate... It always late 2 seconds...
    I tested with a song that is long 1:17... Song supposed to end when "current time label" reach 1:17, but it always end when "current time label" reach 1:15... "Current time label" is 2 seconds behind the real time...

    Thats how I did that...
    @String newtime;
    int vals = ui->posSlider->value();
    int hourss = vals/(10006060);
    int minutess = (vals-(hourss10006060))/(100060);
    int secondss = (vals-(minutess100060)-(hours100060*60))/1000;

    newtime.append(QString( "%1" ).arg(minutess, 2, 10, QLatin1Char('0')) + ":" +
    QString( "%1" ).arg(secondss, 2, 10, QLatin1Char('0')));

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