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Crossplatform... really?

  • Hello there!

    In my company we are trying to change to a framework that we can use to develop a true cross-platform application. The problem is that we want to code one time and deploy in all this systems:

    • Android
    • IOs
    • Windows
    • Mac
    • Linux (maybe not this)

    Would QT allow us to do this? Could we really share a lot of code with between all this platforms? If yes... what are the parts of code we could share between the platforms?

    Thanks for your answers and your time.

  • Windows, Mac, Linux - works. You can share 98% of the code in my experience.

    Android and iOS are pretty new to QT. If you would write a little about what you want to do / what parts of QT you want to use, that would help.

  • You'll have to recompile for each platform and will also need to resolve dependencies for specific platforms when deploying, but yes, code once ;)

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    It always depends on the specific use case. I have many apps that have 100% the same code on all platforms (including Android). Others require a bit more talking to OS-specific APIs so the percentage drops a bit. In general, though, I agree: Qt is truly cross-platform, code-once-deploy-everywhere and all :D

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