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Deploying desktop application on android

  • Hello everyone,
    I've built a Qt quick 2 UI project, then I built a Qt quick 2 application(from existing QML files) and chose the main .qml file of my Qt quick 2 UI application as the existing qml file for the Qt quick 2 application, the application runs perfectly for desktop, but when I change the project setting to make it run on android device (Galaxy SIII) it shows only a white page on my S III.
    Note, I've run a hello world Qt quick 2 application on my S III and it runs perfectly, I've also run several examples from those provided with Qt and they also run perfectly.
    By the way: the emulator doesn't work for me, whenever I start the emulator the Qt is not responding till I close the emulator.

    -My system is Windows 8 with visual studio 2010, Qt 5.1(32bit), Qt creator 2.7.2

    Any help please !!
    Thanks in advance

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