Cannot receive events from MS Word with Qt ActiveX framework

  • I currently write a plugin in C++ with the Qt-Framework. I want to access a COM-interface via Qt-ActiveX-Framework. To test the framework, I created the C++ Wrapper-Classes for MS-Word with the Qt-tool 'dumpcpp.exe'. Now, I can start word, add a new document and insert some text. That's okay.

    Now I want to register some events like 'Quit' or 'DocumentOpen', etc. The code below shows the class I use with one public function 'generateDocument()' which starts word and adds a new document.

    class WordTestApplication : public QObject


    void generateDocument();

    public slots:
    void onQuit();

    Word::Application *word;

    The implementation of the generateDocument() function looks as follows. The word application is created and the Quit()-event is registered.

    void WordTestApplication::generateDocument()
    word = new Word::Application;
    connect(word, SIGNAL(Quit()), this, SLOT(onQuit()));

    In the 'onQuit()' slot I just want to show a message box for testing:

    void WordTestApplication::onQuit()
    QMessageBox::information(NULL, QString::fromLatin1("MESSAGE"), QString::fromLatin1("Quit"));

    The problem here is that the event is not catched in my implementation. What's wrong here? I couldn't find examples with MSWord and Qt's ActiveX-framework combined with COM-events. Can anybody help me, please? Thanks.

  • The problem here was that I used a wrong SIGNAL-signature. Now I can receive the events.

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