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Qt5 Visual Studio Add-in 1.2,2 can't set up.

  • Hi!
    I would like to install "the Visual Studio Add-in 1.2.2 for Qt5", but the program is freezes in the middle of the installation once, and was forced to stop by power-off.
    Again, I run the Installation program, the Error message as follow appear,

    " Qt5 Visual Studio Add-in 1.2,2 Set up
    A previous installation of Qt5 Visual Studio Add-in was detected.
    Please uninstall it before running this installer "

    I tried to remove and reinstall VS2012, the Qt5.1.1, but the message does not disappear.
    Also. Since there was a directory that I have installed in the HD, the message does not disappear when you remove it.
    Please tell me how to install the ADD-in program.

  • Somewhere in the middle the program may need several minutes to go on. This is perfectly normal behavior (for this installer). So you should not get worried too early.

  • Hello, I'm not sure if you are still having the same problem trying to install the VS Add-in 1.2.2. It sounds like you were installing it correctly and mistook the lull in the progress bar, as the installer freezing.

    In order to install it correctly remove all traces of the previous failed installation of the Add-in (check the control panel to see if 'Qt5 Visual Studio Add-in 1.2.2' is present. Check for %Program Files%/Digia/Qt5VS directory). Afterwards you should be able to install it, don't worry if it takes several minutes.

  • Useful advice, thank you.
    To remove the DIGIA directory as has been pointed out, I am trying to install, but a warning When you start the add in program, called "Please finish the installation of the pre-install" comes out, the install program can not start.
    Please tell me if you know how to suppress this warning.
    Thanks in advance.

  • I'm not sure how to suppress the warning. Once the the program has been cleared from your control panel and the directory has been removed, you could check your tasklist (using command line) to check if there is some process related to the add-in installer running. If there is a process running you can get the path for that program in order to remove it.

    If you are still getting the warning after killing the process and removing everything, there might be some registries that were set that deal with the add-in installer, but I don't know which ones need to be cleared.

  • New advice, thank you.
    I also confirmed working process, but I do not confirmed that the add-in program is working. As you have pointed out, something might be written in the register, but does not have a register manager, you will not be able to confirm it.
    A warning display does not disappear when I reinstall QT and vs2012, Once this happens, I will not must replace all back to the factory state your PC.
    I am asking the person who created the add-in program, but, in such a case, such as to remove what was installed before, a little more, I want to improve the program.
    Thank you very much.

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