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Specifying variable name in Qt designer

  • Hello all!
    I have a question with Qt designer. (Please let me know if its not a right place, so that i can move it to right section).

    I will be designing the UI using Qt designer.
    Prior to that, I have a ".h" file, which has all the variables, and their values. For example: QString label1 = "Test";

    While designing the UI using Qt designer, I would like to make use of the variable, Instead of specifying the value "manually".

    Is there any way, to let the designer to pick the name of Label from code, or from a resource file?

    Please let me know if my question is not clear.

    Thanks for your help in advance!


  • To import something into designer is not possible AFAIK. It would require to be in designer format.
    You may want to make your gui design with designer and set the different default values afterwards with your code.
    You can do this in the constructor after setupUi for instance.

  • Thank you for the response koahnig!


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