Wrong behavior with State's extend property

  • Hi everyone,

    I was playing around with States in QML when I found out a strange behavior.
    Considering this case
    name: "mainState"
    when: firstBool


    name: "subStateOfMain"
    when: secondBool
    extend: "mainState"

    In my sense we are in :
    mainState when and only when :
    @firstBool && !secondBool@

    subStateOfMain when and only when :
    @firstBool && secondBool@

    What really happens with Qt is that it does a OR instead of a AND for the extender State ( "subStateOfMain" here ). Does anyone else has the same issue or feel that what I described should be the actual behavior ?

  • Hi,

    It's not going like you described. Of course states are acting as OR.

    From documentation :"When a state extends another state, it inherits all the changes of that state."

    example can be find here: http://jingfenghanmax.blogspot.fi/2010/08/extend-property-of-qml-state.html

  • Thanks for you answer but for me it doesn't make sense to, in my case, have one state with firstBool && !secondBool while the other has firstBool && secondBool . At least we should have the possibility to choose between OR/AND .

  • I can't see states you described "have one state with firstBool && !secondBool while the other has firstBool && secondBool . "

    you have one state when: firstBool and when: secondBool :)

  • well then if you have firstBool && secondBool you don't know which state you are in. It would be the first that you have in your array.

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